Our story

The village of Orta, its lake and the island of San Giulio have their roots in ancient history.

Legend has it that Saint Giulio had instructed his brother Giuliano to build the ninety-ninth church in Gozzano. Then, he set off alone in search of a place where to build the hundredth church. When he arrived on the lake shore and saw the island, he decided he would construct his church there. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anyone willing to carry him to the island. Giulio apparently spread his cloak on the lake water and reached the island
by sailing on it. Once he landed on the island, he fought and defeated dragons and snakes that lived there, a symbol of pagan superstition, getting rid of them forever and thus laying the foundations of the hundredth church on the same spot where the Basilica of San Giulio is now standing.
Land, coast and water, a jewel enclosed within the mountains  and constantly disputed by rulers. With its unusual scents, and continuous interweaving of odours of  the lake water, moss, osmanthus of cypress, and of lovelyflowers like hydrangeas that give Orta its unmistakable and enchanted feeling.