Pure serum with snail slime

(30 ml)

Function: face fluid consisting of pure snail slime, used consistently, provides the face with a gradual lightening, revitalizing and restorative effect which, thanks to the regenerating properties of the pure extract of snail slime, helps to attenuate the signs of aging, in a treatment intensive that takes care of your skin instantly.

The pure extract of snail slime provides essential nutrients such as mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, vitamins, collagen, elastin, which help nourish the skin making it more luminous, toned and compact. This product is essential for revitalizing and nourishing the tissues, giving a sensation of elasticity and firmness to the epidermis of the face.

Indications: product suitable for all skin types, to be used in combination with its specific cream. Apply the serum on the face skin dry and free of make-up with a light circular massage.

Appearance: Yellowish / amber colored fluid.

Ingredients: Snail secretion filtered, Aqua [Water], Parfum [Fragrance], Linalool, Geraniol.

Main functional components: Pure snail slime


€ 55.00

€ 55.00


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