Ultra-gentle cream SPF 15 for couperose

(50 ml)

Main functional components: Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Salicylates, UVB-UVA Filter, Plant extracts of Physalis angulata and Chamomile.

Functions: Specific face cream for the treatment of reactive and couperotic sensitive skin.

It effectively counteracts both the action of free radicals and that of negative environmental agents, leaving a protective veil on the skin. Decongest and attenuate the reddened areas of the face with natural active ingredients such as Aloe vera, Physalis angulata and Chamomile. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin, significantly improves subcutaneous blood circulation and restores balance and protection to the skin.

The facial epidermis thus appears hydrated, soft and relaxed.


€ 32.00

€ 32.00