Skin Care

Line of organic products for face and body care. High quality Made in Italy. Lifting creams with regenerating and anti-aging action even for more sensitive skin.


Soft fragrance for her, with flowering and fruity notes. Hydrangea, osmanthus, rose, peach, amber and timbers for the line FOR HER. Sorrento’s pomelo, white flowers, rose, iris and vetiver for line ISOLA FOR HER.


Soft fragrance for him. Notes of pine, white moss, Sicily lemon, tobacco and amber for line FOR HIM. Tobacco, patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood and myrrh for line ISOLA FOR HIM.


A set dedicated to the home: perfumes diffusers, air fresheners and candles in different scents.


Bath products of Profumo di Orta: bath foams, soaps and moisturizing creams suitable also for sensitive skins.

Cutting soap


Perfume sprayers in different colors and fragrances to have your favorite perfume always at hand or to furnish your bathroom with elegance.

Boys & Girls

Young and fresh fragrances for boys and girls, loved also by women. Notes of iris, violet and vanilla for girls. Lily of the valley, white flowers, cedar wood and amber for boys.